Weijers Wood Cleaners

                              Craftsmanship from Venlo.

Weijers Wood Cleaners from Venlo From the start in 1981 has grown into a company that businesses, institutions and individuals for miles around from the Netherlands to its customers can count. That is not surprising, because the work that delivers Weijers, everybody knows.

Weijers Wood Cleaners makes everything clean where paint is on; wooden furniture, doors, metal wheels of cars, cars, motorbikes and bicycles, bicycle and motorcycle frames and even traffic signs. When specialists Weijers is any object, how old way, in good hands: the means used to paint and / or wax removal are harmless for the material.

Weijers Wood Cleaners does more than the name suggests. Besides cleaning furniture and wood, the company also engages in pest control, the stripping of all metals and the sale of accessories for the beautification antique and modern furniture. Also of wood supplies for various surface treatments can deliver the business. Outside these various materials can also Weijers enjoy a very professional advice so you can do some minor chores yourself with a professional result.

The beginning.

In the past two decades, the company has gone through several phases. But it all started with the American Houck. He developed in 1966 a system for the cleaning of wood. This method to hit so that Houck concluded his formula also introduce other countries. One of the countries where he landed was the Netherlands, which the branch of Weijers Wood Cleaners was born. In subsequent years, the company registered strong growth; more and more people wanted to refurbish their old furniture. Sufficient work for so Weijers, who will soon got name recognition.

In the beginning, the company focused on cleaning and stripping of antique furniture. When it turned out that not only demand was for cleaning, but also for refurbishing, there is a shop started everything for antique furniture. Locks, hinges and fittings, but also stain, wax and maintenance products are available here.


Because a lot of furniture in Weijers were delivered with longhorn beetle and woodworm damage was also taken up this fight. Also a lot of experience gained in this, and today Weijers therefore has a special department for pest control in your home. For many individuals and businesses Weijers has brought results in recent years in preventing and combating all pests. For homeowners, housing associations, municipalities and hospitality are specialists Weijers ready with advice and assistance. Responsibly the tormentors be fought with legalized and environmentally friendly means.

As Pest Control department eventually emerged from repairing furniture, so grew the cleaning and stripping furniture out to the chemical stripping of metals. Weijers VOF is also active in the stripping of example, old cars, motorcycles, bicycles etc. But also products that are coated with lacquer wrong can come to us to be careful ontlakt so they can weather a new paint or coating are provided.

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